Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a global phenomenon and one of the world's most shameful crimes. A multi-disciplinary approach is needed to really make an impact in combatting human trafficking. It requires a concerted global response from governments and civil society.

About Green Platform

Green Platform was established on 6 October 2013, with BBEE status. Green Platform is a registered organisation on the central database of the Department of Finance.

Dr Joan Groenewald

Dr Joan Groenewald is the founder of the organisation and Dr Zodidi Tshothso co-founder. Mrs Myrtle Morris joined Green Platform since 19 January 2017.

All three directors' are experts in Victim Empowerment Programmes (VEP) due to their working experience in the field. They offer accredited training and has passion, specialized knowledge and expertise in the Victim Empowerment service field.

Financial Management

Green Platform has been authorize Capella Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd to lodge the CoR39.

Quality Management

All three directors are well known for high quality of services. From inception till the finalization of the projects reflects quality. There are sufficient evidence on request related to quality services.

Special knowledge and expertise

Dr Joan Groenewald is the author of the book, "Human Trafficking, the Hidden Crime". Dr Zodidi Tshotsho was the co-writer of the mental health chapter in the book. Joan was actively involved in the development of legislation that included the Developmental Quality Assurance (DQA) for victims of crime and violence at the national Department of Social Development. She gained special knowledge on the phenomenon, victims of trafficking for the last 11 years.

Dr Tshotsho was Senior Manager at the National Department of Social Development in Pretoria, responsible for the National Programme for Victims of Violence and Crime and also for the Programme to promote Functional Families and to prevent Dysfunctionality in Families. She was further employed at the University of Fort Hare, Department of Nursing Sciences as a Project Co-ordinator for a project funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies for Transformation of the Nursing Scholarship. The focus of the project was on capacity development in relation to academic staff and infrastructure. She is well known for her publications and was the leader for various research initiatives.

Mrs Myrtle Morris was the deputy director for the Victim Empowerment Programme at the Gauteng Department of Social Development. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. She was also a member of the Inter-ministerial Task Team on The Transformation of the Child and Youth Care System. The DQA model for Child and Youth Care Centres was developed by this committee and the piloting of the model was done in Gauteng under the coordination of Morris. Mrs Morris has also undertaken a number of DQA processes at NGO's and Departmental offices in Gauteng.


Green Platform is currently presenting the following program:

  • Trafficking in Persons - 2.5 Days course - 10.5 CPD Points on completion.

Who will benefit from this training?

Social Workers, Social Auxiliary Workers and staff from the organisations rendering services to victims of trafficking.

The South African Council for Social Service Professionals (SACSSP) allocated Continious Professional Development Points to the above-mentioned programmes.

Why an organisation wants to hire Green Platform?

The consultants may be hired because of their expertise and accountability. This will pay to be the best in the Victim Empowerment service field to consult in. The consultants have a track record that speaks for itself in Victim Empowerment and keep up with new discoveries such as the need for services and programmes on trafficking in persons.

All directors are familiar with the history of the Victim Empowerment Programme and the latest developments. A knowledgeable and trusted outside expert can offer a fresh perspective in a much-needed objectivity. Services can be freelanced.

Special Skills Iniatives

  • To write reports (training, minutes, workshops, conferences etc);
  • To proof read documents (subject matters and languages such as: English, Zhosa & Afrikaans);
  • To develop strategies;
  • To develop or review policies;
  • To develop guidelines;
  • To develop programmes;
  • To review or develop norms and minimum standards;
  • To conduct research;
  • To develop implementation plans;
  • To facilitate registered training connected to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points; and
  • To facilitate capacity building;
  • Motivational sessions with staff or groups;
  • Monitor & evaluation.

Outreach initiatives

Youth, women’s groups, men groups, churches, church leaders, teachers, community groups and other organizations that want to know more about certain subject matters are welcome to contact the organization.


BOOK: The World around Us - 21st Century Slavery

The latest commend:

'I bought this book at a Human trafficking Conference went home and finished reading it within the first week, it gave me so much insight into bringing the realities of human trafficking home.'

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You as a service provider can benefit extensively from the training and thus gain knowledge to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to victims of human trafficking.

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